Messaging is a core service for mobile services and it is the first service Prinsco launched when the mobile division was founded. Today we are the leader in enterprise messaging.  Our service portfolio includes outbound SMS and inbound SMS. We enable the highest quality of service to support business critical services globally.  Prinsco Mobi is aiming to be the leader in element tracking and reporting, providing our partners with a simple API and Database access to develop world-class front-end solutions for their industry.

Inbound SMS

Our Inbound SMS service connects your applications to the mobile world. Pick your numbers from one of the 30+ countries where we have number ranges and let your customers, employees and partners reach you via SMS. Messages sent from subscribers will be delivered to you over IP. Combining our Inbound- and Outbound SMS services enables you to create interactive mobile services.


Applications currently using our service includes vehicle tracking where we collect and aggregrate message from devices located in vehicles around the UK and Europe and amalgamate it into a single database for our customers.

We currently carry 850,000 inbound messages per day and hope to increase this number to 8,000,000 by the end of this year.

Although our solution was designed as an inbound reception platform and aggregation, we also offer the ability for outbound services. Recent applications for this included a partner integrating our service with a CRM platform for outbound campaigns.